Year-end Function Ideas

That time has arrived again. One moment it still feels like the middle of the year, the next thing you know someone in the office pipes up with: “so, what are we doing for our year-end function this year?”  What ARE you going to do? Lunch at a nice restaurant? Yaaaawwwwwn. Adventurous activity? Please, you barely have the energy left to drag yourself into work for the rest of the year. And you don’t ask for a lot.... just something that is fun and easy-going but also unique and a bit glamorous right?  Luckily for you, MFH hosted just that kind of fabulous year-end function for one of our favourite clients last year - and we are going to share the deets with you!

Milner Fashion House Year end Function

Do something unique

When Sone Koen asked us to host a year-end function last year - we were super excited. Sone is one of those ladies we all want to be when we grow up.  Owner of the all-women quantity surveying company, SKQS - we just knew we had to pull together something just as kick-ass as these gals! Spending a lot of time in hard hats and gumboots on building sites is cool and all but for their day away they wanted the complete opposite - and that is where MFH came in! Fabulous dresses to try on? Check! Getting make-up and hair done by a professional? Check!  Posing while a professional photographer snaps away? Check!


Make it Fashion

We are not called Milner FASHION House for nothing - if you have an event with us we’re gonna make it fashion! These ladies spend their days in hardwearing practical clothes… there is no place on a building site for meters of trailing fabric.  But the fun of a day like this is that you get to live a fantasy for a short while! Even if fashion isn’t your thing - it is always fun to step into someone else’s shoes for a short while. They had a ball trying on clothes in the ERRE studio store. Especially those big occasion pieces - twirling in a garden in a fancy party dress is always fun!

Milner Fashion House Year end Function

Snap it

While trying on pretty clothes is its own reward - you want to remember a day like this, right?  So we got a make-up artist in… to make everyone look as glam as possible. Also, a photographer to snap them in their stunning outfits. They went home with not only the memories of an amazing day spent having fun with colleagues - but also some gorgeous photos wearing stunning designer pieces!


Of course, every year-end function worth its salt includes some fancy bubbles and delicious snacks. When the ladies were done with the fashion shoot we provided some of our famous homemade bites - think beautiful boards stacked with bread and crackers, loads of fresh fruits and cheeses all the accompanying spreads and dips that make your mouth water!  And of course, some bubbles to wash it all down!

Looking for more year-end event ideas?

If you are stumped about what to do for your year-end contact us! MFH is a unique space with a truly creative team behind the seams. We can help you conceptualise and execute a year-end party that will set the benchmark for office parties for many years to come! Contact us on or phone +27 82 417 0587 to get the ball rolling on your next fabulous event!

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