Winter photoshoot at Milner Fashion House

Winter is finally here! Here at Milner Fashion House we are wrapping up in wool and Mohair and spending the longer evenings dreaming up stunning ideas for photoshoots in the glorious winter light.  With the sun a bit farther away, winter on the highveld is the perfect time for an outdoor photoshoot -  think golden light that is kind to your complexion and surrounds you in a gentle glow.  Now is the ideal time to grab your best girlfriends and treat yourself to a day of being the main character. 

At Milner Fashion House we’ve got the space, clothes, photographer and make-up artist to make a truly memorable experience. To give you some idea of what you can expect when you book a photo shoot at Milner Fashion House we’ve dragged our photographer out from behind the lens to tell you a bit more about himself. If you’ve been following ERRE and Milner Fashion House for a while, you’ll immediately recognise the work of Francois Pistorius. He is behind the camera for most of our seasonal campaigns and is a wonderful person to work with.


MFH: Tell us briefly about your background and experience as a photographer.

Francois: I first picked up a camera at school. After finishing high school in 1994, I studied for an Art Diploma when Open Window started. I then decided to move to Cape Town to pursue fashion photography. 

It was the film days. I had to assist and carry cameras and heavy equipment. As we said, you had to pay your school fees.

I met many International people in Cape Town and received the opportunity to travel. I lived in Paris, London and Stockholm. We travelled all over Western Europe, producing in Hong Kong, the USA and Africa.

After many travels and experiences, I returned to Cape Town in 2010. The digital era kicked into full force, making it more approachable for anyone to pick up a camera.

I started building my career photographing fashion and Food. I created many local and international campaigns in Cape Town. In 2017 I decided to start focusing more on Food and lifestyle.

I photographed two cookbooks. The Story of a House at La Creuzette in France. And also Duinhuis in Langebaan with Isabella Niehaus.

In 2018 I moved to Pretoria to be closer to family. I met Carina and Natasha, and a magic visual working relationship started.

We currently photograph fashion, Food, events, interiors and lifestyle.

 Milner Fashion House Photoshoot

MFH: Why do you like shooting at Milner Fashion House?

F: Milner Fashion house is a unique location in Pretoria. The property is private and offers many angles and areas with super natural light.

The pool is my favourite spot. There is always magic around the pool in summer or winter. 

The sunlight light is magic.

And then, to finish off sexy, the rooms add comfort and a cosy element for the last light.


MFH: What about ERRE clothing (and styling) is different from other clothes/styling from previous shoots you did? (why is it special)

F: In Cape Town, I photographed a lot of swimwear on the beach. We also produced many lingerie campaigns in Atlantic seaboard homes. I moved away from photographing too much skin.

Erre represents empowered sexiness to me. As you mature, a silhouette or subtle sexy elements become more exciting in a photograph. Erre clothing has volume, silhouettes and shapes. Erre makes any women look incredible through the lens.

It's sexy with power-dressing while having fun.

Milner Fashion House Photoshoot

MFH: Why do you like shooting in winter? (what about the lighting appeals to you?)

F: The winter sun at Milner Fashion house is fantastic. The sun is low and lights up the entire shoot with orange light in the afternoon. If you add a bit of smoke, the shoot turns into a magical moment in the winter sun.


MFH: What can people expect/ look forward to when they do photo shoots with you and ERRE at MFH?

F: I am very relaxed. My aim during my entire career is to make any women feel incredible and enjoy the moment. A shoot with Erre is a celebration of feminity and flair. It is a moment for any woman to have a fun-filled shoot in exceptionally designed garments.

I photograph to make women feel taller and have fun. Women love looking taller in a photo :)

With Cornette doing hair and make-up and ERRE clothing, it is a glamorous afternoon. Add a few snacks and some bubbles, and the shoot flows from black into colour and back to black.

I edit and send all the photos of the shoot. Most women love receiving all the moments. I retouch a few favourites that each woman chooses from the shoot.

On each shoot, we photograph each woman in many outfits and options at Milner Fashion house.

Milner Fashion House Photoshoot

Doesn't this experience sound fabulous? The perfect day out to share with your best friends. We’ve put together a package for three people, this includes the make-up artist, photographer, venue hire, styling in ERRE garments as well as snacks and a bottle of bubbly for  R10 000. The shoot lasts for about 3 hours (excluding 1 hour of hair and make-up beforehand).

To book contact us at

Milner Fashion House Photoshoot