Learn: Meet your pattern drafting lecturer

At Milner Fashion House we absolutely love learning new skills and sharing our knowledge with anyone who wanders in - so it feels like a natural progression to start sharing that knowledge. experience and passion in a bit more structured way.  Beginning in January 2022 we will be hosting a fun selection of classes at the premises - everything from fashion to food! To give an idea of what to expect, and to get everyone as excited as we are, we had a chat with the lecturers.

Long time ERRE followers know Carina as one part of the designer duo, with Natasha Jaume, behind the brand.  Milner Fashion House is Carina’s brainchild and the classes were largely inspired by her love of teaching. Carina is obsessed with pattern making - if she could spend all her time in the studio just making patterns she would be the happiest fashion designer in the world. She has been making patterns for years and has a unique insight into the fit solutions South African women need - fitting countless garments to all shapes and sizes will do that for you!

Learn Pattern Making at Milner Fashion House with Carina

MFH: What is a basic block and why do I need it?

Carina: It’s in the name… a basic block is the basic building block all pattern making is based on. It is a flat pattern piece drafted according to your individual measurements. This basic pattern can then be manipulated to create any and every look you can dream up! Basic blocks translate your 3D measurements onto a flat surface - that can be manoeuvred in various ways to create new shapes, silhouettes and volume - and finally, be constructed into a 3-dimensional garment once again. 


MFH: Who is this class aimed at?


If you don’t sew - but are a curious soul who loves learning new skills… This class will demystify some aspects of pattern and garment construction and give you a deeper appreciation of everything that goes into the process of creating clothing - and besides its just f*cking interesting

But moreover, we would love to show people with some sewing experience how they can start to develop their own personal set of patterns.  This will free them from the size constraints of store-bought patterns and allow their imagination free reign to create any garment they can dream up.  It’s also a great class for sewists with unique measurements who usually need custom adjustments - creating your set of blocks will help eliminate loads of fit problems from the get-go.

Learn pattern making at Milner Fashion House with Carina

MFH: How advanced is the class? Should people attending have any pattern experience? 

Carina: No experience is needed - it is a lot easier than you would think - if you can read a ruler you can do this class.


MFH: What can we expect to cover in the class?

Carina: Day one will focus on drafting women’s wear stretch blocks  These can be translated into stretch tops and dresses, t-shirts, activewear and leggings. 

The second day will cover woven blocks (no-stretch) We will cover a  bodice, sleeve and skirt block. Used for outerwear like jackets and coats, blouses, shirts and tops and skirts and dresses. This is a little more technical but still easy!

Learn pattern making at Milner Fashion house with Carina


Bio:A lifelong fashion lover, Carina Louw graduated from TUT in 2005 with a Btech degree in Fashion Design.  Her lecturing career spans from 2007 to 2019.  She lectured in fashion design at the North-West University, Damelin, Oakfields College, Inscape and 21 Steps to Retail in Partnership with SA Fashion Week and Edgars. She also developed the course material for numerous Fashion Design Courses throughout her lecturing history. It was while lecturing at Oakfields that she met fellow lecturer Natasha Jaume and together they started ERRE in 2013. They grew ERRE from a small local brand to such career highlights as dressing Oscar nominee Terry Pheto and HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco. Most recently they were invited to showcase a collection at Paris Fashion Week.  Carina is passionate about teaching and loves working with patterns and grading to create the perfect fit for women of all body types.

Learn pattern drafting at Milner Fashion House with Carina