8 Fashionable gift ideas for the festive season

Silly season is upon us - and if you are still looking for the perfect gift for some special people in your life - we’ve got you! With everything from fabulous fashion to creative classes, you’ll be able to keep even the most hard-to-please peeps happy!

ERRE Neon Mohair dress

Neon Mohair Jerseys & dresses - For the responsible fashion lover

Bright pops of neon and a local sustainable fibre make a dream combo in these Mohair jerseys.  Beloved by the ERRE designers for its natural temperature-regulating qualities, luxuriously soft texture and the fact that it is produced locally - mohair is the perfect fashionable investment. Treat it right and it will give you joy for many years to come. And the owner can bask in the glow of knowing that they support a sustainable local industry.

Milner Fashion House Fashion illustration class
Fashion Illustration classFor the budding fashion designer in your life

Young or old, inexperienced or an old hand - it doesn’t matter. The only condition for this class is: MUST LOVE FASHION. Hosted at Milner Fashion House by one of the ERRE designers will teach all their tips and tricks for making quick and effective fashion illustrations. Learn how to use lines and gestures to quickly put ideas to paper and communicate visual concepts like volume, movement and texture. No drawing experience is needed - we believe everyone can draw… you are probably just a little out of practice!

ERRE red bow blouse

Red Bow blouseFor the corporate climber

Perfect for the woman in your life busy climbing the corporate ladder. She will need a power piece in her closet that makes all the business hacks shut up and listen. The big bow says she is confident and powerful and don’t give too much thought to social confines. Red is powerful and commanding and makes people look. Give ‘em hell!

ERRE Black bow dress

Classic Black Bow dressFor the fashionista

For the fashion lover in your life - a show-stopper that will turn heads where ever she goes.  With bold and beautiful bows framing the face of your fashionista - creating an image so stunning it’s been known to make hardened paparazzi weep. She will love you forever for this dress - might even give you a mention on the socials.

Milner Fashion House Sushi Class

How to make sushi classFor that “difficult to gift” person

We all have them in our lives, you love them to death but lord, is it impossible to buy them gifts!  Have you tried a fun and interactive class? The Sushi class at Milner Fashion House teaches you a few basic sushi-making techniques in a relaxed and lively atmosphere. Perfect for getting out of your head, doing something with your hands and learning a new skill.  And you end up with loads of delicious sushi to enjoy after all your hard work! Win Win Win.

ERRE Gift Cards

ERRE gift CardFor the undecided gift giver

You know she loves fashion - but picking something makes you break out in a cold sweat. Don’t worry - we’ve got you! If you answer yes to any of the following questions - an ERRE gift card is the right way to go! 

  • Is she passionate about supporting locally made goods?
  • Does she love classic styles in solid colours?
  • Does she work in an environment where it is important to dress powerfully?
  • Does she have trouble finding clothes that fit well?
ERRE Accessories
Accessory pieces; Leather Belts, cuffs & headpieces - For the ERRE girl that has everything

If she already has a closet full of ERRE - might we suggest an accessory - or as we like to call them errcessories.  A bold leather cuff, a classic belt or a fun headpiece will perfectly finish any outfit.

Milner Fashion House Salsa evening

Salsa EveningFor the fun-loving couple

Those friends who are always game to try something new -  forever scaling mountains or diving with sharks - will love this novel and lively experience. A salsa evening will be right up their alley.  Learn a few basic steps from a professional dancer and then party the night away with good music, good food and new friends.

We hope this list will give you some ideas and make the stressful gift buying rat race a happier experience.  At the very least you can do it from the comfort of your couch! And if someone in your life forwarded this list to you - that is a hint and you better make good choices - for the sake of future domestic bliss. Good luck, we believe in you.