Jacaranda season in Pretoria - a model walking across a purple jacaranda strewn street.

Spring is here and with is that magical time of year when the streets turn purple in Gauteng’s biggest cities.  At Milner Fashion House (MFH) this ticks some of our favourite boxes -  namely Plants Being Extra and Random Photoshoot Opportunities!

Where to see Jacarandas in Pretoria

Yes, yes we know Joburg also has its fair share of pretty purple lined streets in spring - but as MFH is a Pretoria local we’ll stick close to home and give you our favourite Jacaranda viewing spots in Pretoria. With around 70 000 Jacaranda trees  - you’ll be hard-pressed to miss them - but here are some of the best spots to get a stunning view or a fun selfie.

Model against the backdrop of purple Jacaranda trees in Pretoria

Get to high ground

To get a great view from the top and appreciate the scope of purple lined streets head to Klapperkop Nature Reserve. From the forts lookout point, the city of Tshwane spreads out below you in all its purple glory.  If you decide to make the trip, make a proper outing of it. The reserve has trails for self-guided hikes as well as mountain biking and cycling - so it’s a great opportunity to grab some exercise, fresh air and views for days!

Street Style

If you are a city dweller at heart and prefer to stay out of the forest - no shade, we get that! The good news is that the purple is just as pretty on street level.  If you are looking for that gorgeous tunnel of purple for the perfect spring selfie head to the neighbourhoods of Brooklyn and Waterkloof where many of the streets are lined with Jacarandas on both sides. Start your Jacaranda safari by checking out ​​Pienaar Street, Murray Street and Marais Street - and let the purple spirit lead you from there.

A model wearing a yellow dress against purple Jacaranda trees in Pretoria

Jacaranda photoshoot ideas

At MFH we obviously love a good photoshoot and for a brief time, the Jacarandas provides us with a spectacular backdrop that is too good to be ignored! While most big events in our lives get documented with a photoshoot these days - we don’t believe you have to do something as huge as having a baby or getting engaged to justify getting dressed up and having your picture taken.  Feeling cute? - book a shoot! Need a confidence boost? - book a shoot! Looking for a novel way to treat your girlfriends? - book a shoot!  Our location in Milner street is the ideal base and with the ERRE studio, on-site - gorgeous fashion is already on hand! Drop us a mail or phone Danette (082 417 0587) for a chat about your needs and we’ll work out a package for you!

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